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Benchmarking to FISIP Universitas Andalas, FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta learned a valuable lesson

Padang-In a collaborative effort to enhance academic excellence, a delegation from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta visited the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science, Universitas Andalas. The delegation from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, led by their Dean, Prof. Dr. Sarkadi, M.Si, was warmly welcomed by the Faculty and staff of FISIP, Universitas Andalas at the Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science (FISIP) building, Monday/23rd October 2023.

This visit aimed to engage in a benchmarking activity, sharing valuable insights and best practices between the two institutions. The benchmarking session provided a platform for both Faculty to exchange knowledge and experiences in various aspects of academic and administrative processes. Topics discussed included PTNBH organization, research initiatives, student support services, and strategies for fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment. The benchmarking session aimed to benefit both institutions and contribute to the advancement of higher education in Indonesia.

Dean of FISIP Universitas Andalas, Dr. Azwar, M.Si, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to host our colleagues from FIS, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. This benchmarking activity allows us to learn from each other and develop strategies to provide our students the best education and support."

Prof. Dr. Sarkadi, M.Si, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Negeri Jakarta, added, "The visit to FISIP Universitas Andalas has been very informative and insightful. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand our horizons and strengthen our academic ties."

The exchange between these two esteemed institutions is part of a broader effort to foster collaboration and improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Both faculties are committed to furthering their academic goals and ensuring students receive the best education possible.

The benchmarking session at FISIP Universitas Andalas concluded with a campus tour, allowing the delegation to experience the vibrant academic community and beautiful surroundings. The event successfully promoted cooperation and knowledge sharing between the faculties of social sciences at the two universities. This visit is seen as a step toward more fruitful collaborations between institutions to improve education and research in Indonesia.

The collaborative agreement between the Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science at Universitas Andalas is a testament to the dedication of both institutions to providing the best possible educational opportunities for their students and contributing to the advancement of sociological and communication research in Indonesia.