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The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences has a distinguished history in education, striving to empower every student with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their potential. We draw on our progressive heritage to promote theoretically inventive scholarship that has the potential to transform the way we engage with each other as human beings in contexts ranging from local to global.

The year 2023 sees the addition of our degree programs. The curriculum, continuously revised following national demands and periodic global requirements, is further enriched by specialization options to ensure an interdisciplinary nomenclature of the humanities and social sciences. Our vibrant research culture provides opportunities for postgraduate candidates to engage in cutting-edge research and work with world experts in their fields. The broad expertise of the Faculty means we can accommodate many research interests and thesis proposals, including innovative interdisciplinary work related to our strategic research themes.

Course programs with target-oriented courses are designed with new approaches and technologies in modern times to facilitate current global and local trends and to serve targeted clients. Close collaboration with industry representing the government and the private sector ensures that our teaching, research, and national development efforts are more practical and on target. The Faculty and qualified and dedicated academic staff are geared towards instilling values, expanding the boundaries of knowledge, and developing the skills needed to enhance graduates’ prospects for future employment. Most notably, tireless efforts have been made to improve students’ soft skills at the Faculty, thus enabling them to excel in their academic and professional arenas. It is worth mentioning that student learning is further accelerated with an introduction to digital humanity courses, research skills, and industry training. This improvement strengthens graduates’ employability skills, fostering and promoting synergy between all stakeholders; academics, alumni, and the community.

The Faculty takes great pride in its capacity as a leading and dignified institution that is forward-looking, influential, steeped in tradition, and committed to academic excellence. To this day, the Faculty continues to reach outward, welcoming students and scholars with the desire and ability to learn and generate new insights that shift and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Dr. Azwar, M.Si

Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Andalas